Roger the storyteller.

I love making up stories. All kinds of stories. But my favourite stories to invent are folktales. I also like making up stories to poke fun at my melodramatic inner artist.

Fables from the Nightlands

Campfire-stories of wonder and warnings, and wisdom.

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Commentary on creativity

Musings from adventures in making-stuff-up, in story form.

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Tales from the Sleep Kingdom

Bed-time stories made with love, for all ages to enjoy.

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We Made This Up

Did you ever have a story just pop into your head?

Well me too! So I became one half a story-telling band, Renegades of Co.Za. And we love story creating stories so much we made a website for it: Join us as we navigate the peaks and valleys of our imagination on a quest to invent new stories to entertain you.

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If you enjoyed a story let me know! If you think something could be better, lemme know!

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