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Being invloved with digtal products, it’s only fitting to express one’s work digitally too. The most important thing I wanted to get across with this portfolio is usalibty. The main page starts with my bio and immediately links to my social networks such as LinkedIn, for a more fomral breakdown of my career so far. Along with that is a ‘call to action’ to contact me, followed by the actual content divided into eight categories and three examples within each category. Effectively it’s a one-page showcase that provides you at a glance with all you need to know. By keeping it simple and using lighter background colours, the colours from the actual work gain the most attention on the page. Content is king.

Year: 2013

Responsible for:

  • Development (HTML)
  • Editorial
  • Graphic design
  • Image manipulation

Not responsible for:

  • Framework (WordPress)

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